lovely, cozy + boozy soy candles

Summer Desktop Backgrounds


Enjoy some trippy and lovely desktop backgrounds this week. A mix of summer and fun on your computer wallpaper. 

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Last Days of Summer Screensavers


Ahhh, late summer love. The joy of tan legs, but knowing that pumpkin and cooler nights are on the way. Enjoy the moments, but look forward to what's next!

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Wax Cabin Fall Scent 2018


Pumpkin Horchata! Available September 1

We know, we know, it's July... But for Wax Cabin Candle's production it's all Fall! We haven't done a season specific scent in the past, we always felt that it was best to develop scents that could be burned all year round. Why did we change it up for Fall? Welppp
, we couldn't ignore the mass amounts of requests, search engine words on our site looking for a Fall, Pumpkin or apple scent. 


OK! We hear ya'... and here's what we did for you!


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We Answered Your Candle Making Questions!

Previously, we wrote a blog about our 5 tips for making your own candles. We asked yal' on instagram stories to send us your questions and to our surprise and delight, over 40 questions came in! There were some repeats in there... so here's a few we picked! 


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Summer Desktops by Wax Cabin

It's rough being at the computer in the summer when it's sunny outside! If you're going to be stuck inside for a little, make your desktop beautiful! We designed  these wallpapers purposefully to be evoke lightness and simplicity. Summer should be light and simple... days and nights!

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