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Why soy wax?

Oh Soy!

Wax Cabin Candles are hand-poured soy candles.  Why soy? 

Because we want the best for our customers and our environment.

How is it used?

Unfortunately, the most commonly used wax in commercial candles remains paraffin.  If you don’t know, paraffin is a by-product of the crude oil refinement process – which is, of course, not good for the environment.  Paraffin also produces a tremendous amount of soot when burned – which is, of course, not good for you to breathe.

Soy wax is used by conscious candle makers! It can be used as a stand alone wax, mixed with oils or some people will do a 50/50 of soy and paraffin wax. 


What is soy wax


What are the benefits?

Soy is a renewable resource that can be grown sustainably – good for the environment.  Soy also burns much cleaner – good for you.

Added bonus: soy burns much longer than paraffin; in turn, your candle will last much longer.  (Also good for you!)

So, be sure to check the packaging on those candles in your cupboard or when you’re at the mall to buy hand lotion and get distracted by the candles at check-out.  Not soy?  Not for you or your loved ones.  BOGO sales or not, remember this: candle soy = candle joy.