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Our Best Sellers

You're a candle lover, but you can't decide! You're a give giver, but what candle should you gift? Don't worry, we got ya'. It's our Best Sellers right here and proud. Make your pick from this best selling candle list and you can't lose. It's soy, lovely cozy and boozy.
Fragrance Notes: sweet tobacco, leather, cedar, rose & sandalwood
Cozy Cabin
Fragrance Notes:
rose, chardonnay, blood orange, grapefruit
Fragrance Notes:
golden honey, fresh milk, cinnamon & oats
Sweet Mornings
Fragrance Notes:
peach nectar, chilled champagne & fresh lemon
Peach Bellini
Fragrance Notes:
rose, sea salt, & blackcurrant
Rosie Rosé
Fragrance Notes:
pumpkin, cinnamon sticks, coconut cream, brown sugar, vanilla, & rum
Pumpkin Horchata
Fragrance Notes: vanilla, sugar, lemon cake, champagne
Cake & Champagne
Fragrance Notes:
Irish whiskey, cream, coffee, & vanilla
Irish coffee
Fragrance Notes:
Add any Wax Cabin Scent you'd like!
Make Your Own
Fragrance Notes:
any Wax Cabin scent that you'd like!
Custom Pets
Fragrance Notes:
sea salt, woods, sandalwood & jasmine
Cozy Coast
Fragrance Notes:
steeped green tea, bamboo, lemongrass, & honeysuckle
Zen Mornings