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Let's Develop Your Own Custom Candle

We're here for you to develop a candle that promotes, markets, supports and enhances you. - If you're ready, let's get started!

Discover why people love to work with Wax Cabin and see the amazing candles they've created.

The Custom Candle Types


The Process is Easy

Developing a custom candle with us is, how can we say this simply.... it's simple! Start by emailing us about the project and goals.

• Select your scent from our scent list

• Send us your art or ask us to create something for you

• Let's ship! We offer bulk or individual shipping

Scents can make you feel lovely, cozy and nostalgic. Let's start by picking your perfect scent. We have suggestions!

Corporate Gifting

Creating fun and custom gifts for your employees is the perfect way to show your appreciation. Do your employees want a Jelly of the Month Membership... no. Say YOU ROCK with a candle that sits perfectly on their desk.

Let's ship! We offer bulk or individual shipping

Corporate Gifting, Podcast Merch, Event Swag, Influencer Product, Author Book Launch...

Event Merch

Having something fun at the merch table was what gave drag queen, Patti O' Furniture the extra edge at her show.

Let's get started