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Long Island Iced Tree, Fixing Famous People Candle

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Hello FFP PATREON members! Fixing Famous People podcast hosts, Chris and Dominick have teamed up with Wax Cabin Candle Co. to design the perfect 2 candle holiday set. Long Island Iced Tree is a hot burning candle that combines the cool notes of frasier fir, vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple sec, and cola. Just like the real LIT, it sounds like it could be a mistake,'s perfection. Buy the set, a perfect gift and there’s a fun secret FFP holiday poem inside!

Long Island Iced Tree (Red & Green)

Fragrance Notes: frasier fir, vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple sec, cola

Wax Type: Soy

Burn Time: 50-60 Hours

Size: 8 oz

Materials: Straight-sided glass jars with metal lid


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