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Manly Scented Candles -- Otherwise Known as the Mandle

Wax Cabin's Whiskey Glass Mandle Line 

Can you mandle it?

Article by: Lauren Lentine

Not all candles are meant for pink rooms with fluffy pillows and brushed gold accents. Not all candles are made for champagne brunches and holiday tablescapes. Don’t get us wrong, some of the best are – but not all of them.

Sometimes he wants a candle too. But, you see, he doesn’t want it to smell like his girlfriend’s or his sister’s or his grandma’s – he wants it to smell like, well, him. He wants a man’s candle. He wants a MANDLE.

 Lucky for him, Wax Cabin Candle Co. has it covered.

Wax Cabin Candle Co. is pleased to introduce the MANDLE. Hand-poured soy candles that exude masculinity. Instead of florals, fruits, and champagne; think rugged, rustic, and rocks – as in, bourbon on the rocks. Speaking of, once he’s exhausted the MANDLE, the vessel will become his new favorite rocks glass. Coaster included.

What was once soft, is now strong. Flirty, now suave. Pretty, now handsome.

Candle, now MANDLE.


To celebrate the launch of Wax Cabin Candle Co.’s MANDLE, meet the 14 wick, 42lb, MASSIVE MANDLE. Nearly 712 ounces of hand-poured soy wax. Can you MANDLE it?


Giant Wax Cabin Mandle candle, manly scented candle

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Scent options:
Cozy Cabin, Merry Mule, Pumpkin Horchata, Irish coffee, Gin + Tonic