Z100 Supports Wax Cabin! Dreams Do Come True!

Posted by Jennifer Gunn on

Yesterday, Z100's Elvis Duran, Bethany Watson and Danielle Monaro called me back after I sent them a text! What did the text say? It said... Something Bethany and Elvis said a few months ago changed the course of my life.

After months and months of being unhappy at a job, I started to think about making a change. The unhappiness at work started to trickle... slowly, but surely, the deep sadness and anger crept into my personal life. I was generally unhappy, bored and angry that I had let myself feel stuck. It was time to make a change, I wanted to feel like myself again!

On my way to work a few months ago, I heard Z100's cast talking about making changes. Bethany, told a story depicting her unhappiness at an old job that left her thinking about having cocktails before work. I never took the drink, but I was so unhappy I understand where she was coming from. I was desperately happy to hear her honesty.

I started making my candles after work. I did research, played around with scents, labels, names... I started to feel like myself again. This was fun! By Christmas 2016, I had sold out. To be honest, it was just friends and family, but it was a start. People started talking, posting and Wax Cabin was on its way.

Listen to my chat with Z100 above.

It's always, always important to say thank you. THANK YOU!

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