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Wax Cabin Fall Scent 2018

Pumpkin Horchata! Available September 1

We know, we know, it's July... But for Wax Cabin Candle's production it's all Fall! We haven't done a season specific scent in the past, we always felt that it was best to develop scents that could be burned all year round. Why did we change it up for Fall? Welppp
, we couldn't ignore the mass amounts of requests, search engine words on our site looking for a Fall, pumpkin or apple candles. 


What's a Pumpkin Horchata?! It's a fabulous, chilled, delicious Fall scent. Who said that you need to put the blender away in the Fall? Here's the recipe bc we found that when we made our Horchata the candle burned better (wink!).


Photo credit: Sugar and Charm

 The scent is being produced now and will be available September 1st!


Want a quick tip on how to make new scents? Here's our insta story tip...






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