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5 Tips for Making Your Own Candles

I get a bunch of weekly social media DMs asking about candle making. Often I see the same question pop in, so I gathered them up and picked the top 5 tips I have for new candle makers. 

1. Make sure you know what type of wax is available!


There's a ton of different wax options out there...good and bad. Some are called blends and this when they mix a few different types of wax together. Often, a blend can be a less expensive option (think of a sweater cashmere blend vs 100% cashmere) Without over complicating this here's a few popular. Beeswax, Coconut, Paraffin, and Palm wax are just a few! I advice that you go the more natural route and pick a simple, clean soy wax and stay away from Paraffin.


2. Your wick size (size does matter)


Pick a wick to small and your candle will burn and not create a melting pool... you'll be left with unmelted wax on the jar and your candle will be thrown away with an unhappy customer. If you pick a wick too big, WATCH OUT you'll have a flame thrower and burn through your candle in a day. 


3. Testing out your candle hot and cold throws



 A cold throw is when you smell that candle unlit... mmm mmm... a hot throw is the scent the candle lets off when burning. Here's the tricky part... your cold throw can be fab, but let off a barf worthy hot throw and vice versa. This is my biggest tip for candle makers, test, test, test, test, test out your candles hot and cold throws.


4. Your vessel is important


A what??? Your vessel is a candle making term for the jar your pouring your wax in. There's a million options! You can do mason jars, concrete, pottery, wine and beer bottles. Ask a wholesaler to sell you 1 first so you can make sure it burns normally. Am I annoying you with saying TEST, TEST, TEST it out! Go on Pinterest and search, Candle Jars.... look at your favorite vessels, research on Alibaba. When you've decided on your jar, order in bulk to save mula!


5. Does your candle name and label inspire



My background is in design and branding and it's been a huge help with developing Wax Cabin. I see a lot of common mistakes with other candle brands popping up that would deter people from purchasing or even noticing the candle.

If your plan is to sell your candle then it need to look amazing and intrigue someone to want to pick it up. Once you get someone to pick up your candle then they will smell it. Really think about your candle's name... is it fun? Intriguing? Or is it dull and thoughtless? If a room of 10 people were coming up with a candle name and 8 of them thought of the same name... it's a boring name. BE UNIQUE!

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