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How To Develop A Scent: Fall Edition

When I first created Wax Cabin Candle, the idea for the scents were for them to be all woodsy and cabin based. I had developed one called, Brunch that to this day is still the number 1 seller. I figured a beautiful brunch would definitely be something to enjoy at a rustic log cabin and had fresh notes and Chardonnay! CHARDONNAY! Yes. This was our best seller for 1 reason... CHAR-DON-NAYYYY. We soon realized that people were in love with a fabulous boozy cocktail and we stopped developing candles with a rustic theme and focused solely on fabulous, boozy cocktails.

I often have people ask me how we come up with scents. Simply... we take it to the bar. Wax Cabin always looks for an interesting cocktail, higher end... think something that Kate Middleton would drink on vacation. We steer away from the mundane, traditional and travel a little for the coolest cocktails.


This Fall, we discovered the Horchata. 

Our first step in developing a cocktail scented candle is simple... MAKE THE COCKTAIL. Tough job. The Horchata was new to us and we went with a fast and dirty version. Ok... here's what you're wondering, "What's a Horchata"?... Answer: It's a Latin American, milky drink made from ground almonds, tiger nuts, or rice. We went with rice.


How Wax Cabin Candles Makes A Pumpkin Horchata from wax cabin candle co on Vimeo.


Once we drink the entire cocktail, 2nd and maybe a 3rd glass, we discuss the best parts of it. Did we like the sweetness, vanilla, cinnamon, citrus notes? From there an old school list is made and we discuss with our vendors the possibilities for making those notes come alive. And tahhh daahhh, done!! Ok, wait it's not that easy. Once the candle oils arrives we make a few versions. Some versions are heavier with one oil and some we remove a scent that smelled different than we thought. Once we make the candles we smell the cold and hot throws and do a burn test. LASTLY, we give a few away to our close buds. Texts, emails, phone calls come in with a thumbs up or DOWN. A few adjustments are made, labels are designed and printed and then...we are done!


Wax Cabin's Pumpkin Horchata candle will be available mid August. Sign up for our newsletter for discounts and sales!

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