Cabin Candle Care!

Posted by Jennifer Gunn on

Ok, you've just purchased one of our scents, it's at your front door, you open the box, take a sniff and are in love. You run for your matches and you are about to light... BUT WAIT... we have some candle care tips for you.

We will keep this short, but we want you to enjoy the heck out of your candles... so here it is...


1. Trim your wick

Always keep your candle wick trimmed to 1/4" before lighting. This is also the case even after you burn. Trimming will avoid a dark smoke and excessive mushrooming of the wick.


2. Burning your candle

You'll want to burn your candle long enough for the entire wax surface to burn... aka a melt pool. Burning your candle for short periods will cause a small hole to form around your wick. 


3. Do not blow out your candle

Ok, ok this one is tough. Try your best to snuff out your candle or place the lid and suffocate the wick out. The wick will remain intact, smoke won't go everywhere and wax won't splatter on your table.


There's a million other things to do, but let's be real... you want to light your Wax Cabin Candle Co. candle NOW. You have people coming over and you need to mask the smell of your normal life with fabulous scents. xoxo


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