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Brunch on The Faux Fancy

Posted by Jennifer Gunn on

Recently, we sent our candles to Aquia of, The Faux Fancy. She put together a witty and lovely article about our Brunch candle that shouldn't be missed. She describes herself as, "A 20-something in suburbia leading a budget-friendly bourgeois lifestyle.". We truly appreciate a strong lifestyle blogger and know our Brunch candle establishes a fabulous accent for your style.

Here's a snippet of her article and links to the full read...

"I used to hate candles. Okay, before you throw stones, let me say that I just didn't really care for them and I didn't appreciate their magic. I have since grown up into a functioning adult and I am proud to say that I am a normal candle obsessive human being."...

links to the full read...



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